Monday, July 28, 2014

sidewalk chalk activities

sidewalk chalk activities
So you have that box of chalk and are stuck in rut writing your kid's name in block letters or doodling pictures of the sun and flowers.  Here are some quick activities that gets your toddler moving and {bonus} learning at the same time. 
I wrote 1-20 in circles and she practiced counting while walking/jumping/running through the circles.  I would call out a number and she had to run to that circle.  And then Solis called out numbers for me to run to.  She told me I had to practice my numbers too.
Tons of variations for this one.  I drew simple shapes in different colors and gave her directions such as, "Run to the green circle!" or "Skip to the pink star!"  She loved this one.
Same concept as the numbers and I told her to run to different letters.  She also sang the abc's and found each letter in order.  I would ask her questions like, what does dog start with?  And she would run to the D.
Squiggly lines
I drew tons of lines on our driveway in different colors.  I told her to walk/skip/jump/run on different lines.  Solis thought this was good practice for the balance beam at gymnastics.
Have you ever tried drawing with wet chalk?  The chalk becomes so much more vibrant, brighter, and colorful.  All I did was put chalk in water for around 8 minutes and then they are ready to use.  They do break more easily and you will go through it 10x more quickly but it looks so much nicer!  And if you want to try this inside, have your child paint a piece of black construction paper with water and then use the wet chalk.
 This picture doesn't do the colors justice but trust me, they were so much more brighter than dry chalk.


  1. Ok this is BRILLIANT! I was seriously just thinking of how bored of our usual drawings my son must be.

    1. Thank you! And good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! :)


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