Monday, July 7, 2014

our 4th

our 4th
We experience highs and lows this holiday weekend.
Rogue had one of his worst days on the 4th.  Woke up from every nap way early, screaming b/c he had spit up all over him.  Solis didn't nap on the 4th b/c she was SO excited to spend the weekend at Grandma's and as a result of that no nap, she had a complete meltdown and almost had to be picked up.  Broke my heart to hear her bawling on the phone but thankfully my mother in law managed to calm her down and she was fine the rest of the weekend.  Note to self: Solis is not ready to skip naps!

After that horrible 4th, we had a great 5th of July!  It's amazing how easy life is with just 1 kid.  Especially a kid who took 3, 2 hour naps!  Shaun and I spent our day catching up on shopping, yardwork, our TANS (super important).  We grilled.  We drank.  Downed some ice cream.  Great day with my hubby.

On Sunday we picked up Solis at Grandma's.  She fell and had 2 scraped knees for the first time ever in her life (can you say cautious toddler??).  You would have thought she lost her legs by the way she was whining over her knees.  On the other hand, Rogue took 2 solid naps at grandma's and was as pleasant as could be.  And Shaun and I got to spend a quiet afternoon in the pool.  So even though our 4th of July was emotionally exhausting and we certainly weren't celebrating, the rest of the weekend more than made up for it.  And tucking in 2 sweet kiddos after all of it just makes me so so happy.
Hope everyone had a fun, safe, and relaxing holiday!

And now be prepared for picture overload..... 
I've seen this on Pinterest for years and finally got a chance to try it.  
Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant!

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  1. What a cute family you have! The solo cup with the sparklers in brilliant! Pinned it for next year!


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