Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July crafts

4th of July crafts
My sidekick and I made some holiday crafts this week.  One was toddler friendly.  The other was just a huge mess :)
Pipe Cleaner Firecracker Craft
4 pipe cleaners
red and blue paint (we use tempera paint from crayola)
glue and glitter (optional)
white paper

1. Take the 4 pipe cleaners and bend in half all together.
2. Twist the bottom portion to create a handle.
3. Fan out the pipe cleaners to create a firework.
4. Dip in paint and stamp away to make fireworks!
5. Optional-add glue to your paint so you can sprinkle glitter on your fireworks or just use glitter glue after the paint has dried.
 Look at that little smile.  I love that she loves her special activities!
Her finished product.
We tried making firecrackers with a fork.  I saw this on Pinterest and had to try it.  She didn't quite get the concept but had a heck of a time painting with a fork.
And then her 2 year old art skills kicked in and she went bananas with paint.  She kept saying, "This is so beautiful!"  Yes, Solis, it is.
Next up....the American flag.
All I did was draw lines with a pencil so Solis knew where to put her stampers (and erased the lines when she was finished).  She was concentrating so hard....
and having so much fun! 
Add some star stickers.
If pictures could speak, little Solis kept yelling "USA!  USA!"

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