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7 & 8 weeks [babywise]

7 & 8 weeks
My baby is 8 weeks old.  The weeks are flying!  And I know I'll be saying that every baby post.  Each week is better than the last and we are loving our summer together.  BUT he is still a baby.  An itty bitty baby.  Who still needs to eat every 3 hours and nap all.the.time.  So even though we are enjoying Rogue, we are definitely looking forward to the future and a less strict routine to follow.
So I almost don't believe this.  And I almost don't want to type this b/c I'll jinx it (and no, I don't believe in jinxing but my husband and I always joke that as soon as we say something good about Rogue, he'll do the opposite).....but I think I have a car seat sleeper baby!  My parents took Solis for an evening so Shaun and I went out to eat with Rogue.  I had my Moby wrap all ready (b/c that's the only way I did anything out in public with Solis as a baby) but much to our surprise he fell asleep in the car seat!  And then he did it again at church!  And to keep things going, he did it a 3rd time at one of Solis's activities.  And all 3 times he did it without one cry.  Makes me one happy momma!!
Eating: Rogue eats 7 times a day like clockwork.  He has been on Zantac for 2 weeks and at first we saw a decrease in his spitting up/reflux but lately he's been spitting up mid-nap and screaming in pain.  It's quite heart wrenching.  So we'll be going back to the doctor this week.  Unlike Solis though, he isn't fussy during feedings or waketimes.  So we aren't even sure if it's reflux.  It's a mystery b/c his spit ups are disturbing him about 1.5 hours after eating.

Waketime: Rogue discovered his hands at 6.5 weeks which is right on track with what the Wonder Weeks says.  If you don't have that app, I'd recommend it!  We busted out the playmat and he's been grasping and batting at objects.
 This is what we generally do after each feeding:
8am: family time on our bed and Solis brings 50,000 books up there to read to him
11am: outside and/or playmat
2pm: since Solis is napping, I usually just nurse him in bed and have mommy time with Rogue
5pm: playmat  and/or outside
8pm: bath
 Reading with daddy is a favorite waketime activity.
Naps: For the most part over the past 2 weeks, they have been good.  He takes his naps in his rock 'n play to keep him more upright after feedings.  We always know when his pacifier falls out b/c we'll hear him cry for a minute or 2.  But we don't put it back in.  Rogue has learned to keep sleeping without it.

On good days, it's really hard to wake him up from naps.  But I stick to the schedule and feed him every 3 hours.  

On a bad reflux day, he'll wake up crying with spit up after an hour or so and Shaun is usually the one to go in and rock him till our feeding time.  I don't know what I'd do without him!  Half the time, Rogue won't go back to sleep but he'll settle in daddy's arms and we start the 3 hour routine when I feed him-not when Shaun started rocking him.  And other times, I'll wear the sweet babe in my wrap and he'll go fast asleep.
Witching Hour: Happy to report that in the past 2 weeks, Rogue has only had a witching hour 4 times!  When he has an unhappy time, it's during his last nap-between 6:30 and 8.  He starts his nap in his rock and play and then ends up in our arms or the wrap.  But thankfully, it's not every night-which Solis seemed to have.
Night Sleep: He gives us a 5.5-6 hour stretch.  It's pretty much the same as it was during weeks 5 and 6 but his 2nd stretch of sleep has been way better.  After he gets fed around 5, he'll go right back to sleep and I usually have to wake him around 8:30.  We started putting him in crib for night sleep at 5 weeks and he's been doing great!
Schedule: Same as always.  Feedings (give or take 30 minutes) are at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 10:45 dreamfeed, 5ish am.

Solis: She had a HUGE revelation this week.  "He has ears!  Little baby ears!"  Solis loves Rogue so much and every night thanks God in her prayers for him.  Love these 2 cute kiddos!  And for the record, I did not tell Solis to pose like this with her brother.  She thinks he's a doll.  For reals.
Do you know how many pictures we took to get that one?  Solis was non-stop complaining about the sun in her eyes (finally had to get her sunglasses for the one millionth picture in them this summer) and climbing on daddy seemed way more fun.
Happy 8 weeks baby boy.  Love you!

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