Wednesday, July 16, 2014

solis turns three

solis turns three
And just like that, three years have flown by in a blink of an eye.  My baby girl is three and she now tells me that "I'm not your baby, mommy."  Cue waterworks.  Solis is such a happy little girl.  She has so much enthusiasm for life and shows such excitement for everything we do-whether it's making a craft or going to the park-she always exclaims, "This is the best thing ever!!!"  Solis is also a big lover.  Shaun and I tuck her in together every night and she has to have group hugs and "both kisses" at the same time and WILL NOT let us leave without "I love you's."  She's a people pleaser and at every activity we go to, she must be near the teacher....yikes, teacher's pet in the making.  She loves her brother so much (for now) and is so proud to be a big sister.  Solis is truly a gem of a daughter.  Her speech has always been really good and doesn't throw many tantrums.  She does get upset when we tell her no but when we explain why and redirect her, tantrum avoided.  She starts every prayer with "Dear God, thank you for this BEAUTIFUL day!" which still makes me smile every single time.  She LOVES books, Peppa the Pig, and imaginary play.  She's so excited to start preschool in the fall....which I still cannot believe. 

We planned a jammed packed birthday for Solis.  It was tiring-even more so with Rogue in tow-but worth all the smiles, jumps for joy, and the 100 thank you's.

Solis woke up to balloons in her room, a tradition we started on her 2nd birthday.
Up next was birthday pancakes.
Then we packed everyone in the car and headed to the splash pad.
Using her new water toy and spraying daddy in all the wrong places.
Little Roguey hung in there on a hot day!
Back home for more presents, lunch, and naps.
After nap, Solis had her first gymnastics class without us.
Three years old means no more mommy & me classes.
(You best believe I had a tear in my eye while watching from up above!)
Then we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Shaun and I wanted to go to the BYOB hibachi restaurant but decided to go to the place where Solis would get sung to and get a balloon and dessert.  And when we asked her the next day what was her favorite part of her birthday, she said when the bird sat next to her.  So mission accomplished.
Flowers from daddy :)
And of course no birthday is complete without a cupcake.
She loved us singing happy birthday so much that she asked for it 3 more times.
Happy birthday, sweet Solis!  We love you to pieces!!

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  1. I've been following u a little bit, and u have the cutest family!!


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