Tuesday, April 14, 2015

11 months [babywise]

11 months [babywise]
It's happening whether I'm ready or not.  In 4 short weeks, this baby boy of ours is turning 1.
This month, Rogue added a big milestone to his resume: taking steps!  He doesn't do it often b/c crawling is faster and cruising is his fav but with warmer weather coming, we want him to walk asap.  B/c crawling on pavement and the grass will make my laundry pile that much taller....to which I am not a fan.
In other news, Rogue popped his 7th tooth, still does not like to be left alone with strangers, and sits in the car as quiet as can be.  Which is a blessing b/c Solis takes the opposite approach.
Eating: Still the easiest time of day.  Rogue will sit in his highchair all day long if we keep putting food in front of him.  He out-eats his sister every meal.
Here are the regulars on rotation on his plate: 
Breakfast: cut up fruit, scrambled eggs, a carb (oatmeal, pancakes, cherrios)
Lunch: Soft veggies (yams, carrots, peas, etc), beans, cottage cheese, cheese cubes, fruit
Dinner: salmon, tilipia, ground turkey/beef, beans, avocado, pasta, veggies
the breakfast club
Rogue's trademark head tilt
Our dog, Naysa, knows where to hang out at meal times.  And Rogue thinks it's the funniest thing to drop food for her.  When I tell him to stop, he gives me the head tilt.  Trying to weasel his way out of trouble already.

Waketime: So this month Rogue became clingy.  For 10 months, he almost never whined.  Now he crawls after Shaun or I and wants held.  But the minute we hold him, he wants down.  It's a fun game. 
His favorite toys are made of rubber which just so happen to be the dog's toys.  I know, gross, but you gotta pick your battles.
Sleep: He's still awesome :)  He finally dropped his evening catnap and now takes 2 naps a day with 12 hours at night.
Schedule: Everyday is different b/c of our activities.  But some things are always the same like waking at 8, taking 2 naps a day, and going to bed at 8.  Since dropping the 3rd nap, we let him sleep as long as he wants in the afternoon.

8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2ish-4:30/5 nap #2
 4:30/5 4oz
6:00 dinner
7:50 6oz, bed
Solis and Rogue love being goofy with each other.  They make each laugh all day long.
But in case you thought everything is perfect over here, I probably hear "Rogue, STOOOOPPPPP!" 20x a day.
I wish I could freeze time and keep him this age for a little longer.  He is so incredibly sweet and fun and doesn't tell me no yet :) But we are so excited to watch him grow into a little man.  Eeeek!  Cannot believe the first year is almost done.
Love you buddy!