Tuesday, April 14, 2015

11 months [babywise]

11 months [babywise]
It's happening whether I'm ready or not.  In 4 short weeks, this baby boy of ours is turning 1.
This month, Rogue added a big milestone to his resume: taking steps!  He doesn't do it often b/c crawling is faster and cruising is his fav but with warmer weather coming, we want him to walk asap.  B/c crawling on pavement and the grass will make my laundry pile that much taller....to which I am not a fan.
In other news, Rogue popped his 7th tooth, still does not like to be left alone with strangers, and sits in the car as quiet as can be.  Which is a blessing b/c Solis takes the opposite approach.
Eating: Still the easiest time of day.  Rogue will sit in his highchair all day long if we keep putting food in front of him.  He out-eats his sister every meal.
Here are the regulars on rotation on his plate: 
Breakfast: cut up fruit, scrambled eggs, a carb (oatmeal, pancakes, cherrios)
Lunch: Soft veggies (yams, carrots, peas, etc), beans, cottage cheese, cheese cubes, fruit
Dinner: salmon, tilipia, ground turkey/beef, beans, avocado, pasta, veggies
the breakfast club
Rogue's trademark head tilt
Our dog, Naysa, knows where to hang out at meal times.  And Rogue thinks it's the funniest thing to drop food for her.  When I tell him to stop, he gives me the head tilt.  Trying to weasel his way out of trouble already.

Waketime: So this month Rogue became clingy.  For 10 months, he almost never whined.  Now he crawls after Shaun or I and wants held.  But the minute we hold him, he wants down.  It's a fun game. 
His favorite toys are made of rubber which just so happen to be the dog's toys.  I know, gross, but you gotta pick your battles.
Sleep: He's still awesome :)  He finally dropped his evening catnap and now takes 2 naps a day with 12 hours at night.
Schedule: Everyday is different b/c of our activities.  But some things are always the same like waking at 8, taking 2 naps a day, and going to bed at 8.  Since dropping the 3rd nap, we let him sleep as long as he wants in the afternoon.

8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2ish-4:30/5 nap #2
 4:30/5 4oz
6:00 dinner
7:50 6oz, bed
Solis and Rogue love being goofy with each other.  They make each laugh all day long.
But in case you thought everything is perfect over here, I probably hear "Rogue, STOOOOPPPPP!" 20x a day.
I wish I could freeze time and keep him this age for a little longer.  He is so incredibly sweet and fun and doesn't tell me no yet :) But we are so excited to watch him grow into a little man.  Eeeek!  Cannot believe the first year is almost done.
Love you buddy! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

10 months [babywise]

10 months [babywise]
I literally feel like Rogue just turned 9 months.  And now we're at 10 already?!
I'm in denial he's going to be one soon :(
So this past month, Rogue started clapping and waving.  I love leaving for a run and seeing his little face at the gate waving bye to me.  And he started standing on own (not holding onto anything)!  I can see steps in the near future but for now he is crawling faster than I can get to him which usually means dog food everywhere or an end table knocked over.
8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2-4 nap #2
4pm 6oz, snack
6-6:30 nap #3
6:30 dinner
8pm 6oz then bed
Eating: 4 bottles a day (6oz) but he's getting less and less interested in those.  Rogue is all about feeding himself and we give him everything we're eating, if it's safe for a baby.  I don't know what his favorite foods are b/c he gets excited about anything we put in front of him.  He's so easy!  Every meal is incredibly messy but purees are done and we are more than happy to stop making baby food.

Waketime: Still crawling and cruising around like a mad man.  He loves loves playing with Solis and especially in her room.  Solis gets the biggest kick out of watching him destroy her room and my little OCD mini me doesn't mind picking up after him.  
He has played her well.  
These 2 are at a good stage right now and play so nice together.  I'll be doing the dishes or something and I hear Solis non-stop talking to Rogue and he's just laughing at her.  Solis finally has a captive audience so I hope she's enjoying it now b/c sooner or later, Rogue ain't gonna think his big sister is all that!
His personality is so much fun.  He laughs and laughs all the time and loves to play the "I'm gonna get you!" game.  His trademark is tilting his head to the side when he's being playful and it's the cutest thing ever to us!  He loves to dance and Shaun says it reminds him of Will Ferrell dancing to What is Love on SNL.  So funny.
Rogue was sick for the first time last month.  It was just a cough and cleared up in a week.  
God has really blessed this kid with a good immune system so far.
Here he is at the doctors causing trouble.
Can't take this kid anywhere.
Solis was a high maintenance baby and Rogue is the opposite.  Even though he's in constant motion, he is an easy baby that maybe cries 3 minutes a day, if that.  And that's mainly b/c I make sure he gets his naps everyday.  
A rested baby = a happy baby :)
Sleep: I almost forgot to write about this but nothing has changed.  8:30-8 at night, morning nap, afternoon nap, and a super quick catnap in the evening if we're home.
I also love that when he wakes up, he just chills in his crib until we decide naptime is over.
My buddy.  My little guy.  I honestly was scared I wouldn't love a boy as much as I loved Solis.  Silly little thought.  Rogue has filled my heart with so much joy and love and expanded it even more.
Happy 10 months, sweet pea!

Monday, February 23, 2015

9 months [babywise]

9 months [babywise]
Rogue turned 9 months 2 weeks ago and I am so far behind on this update.  Rogue is so much fun, he's making these months fly by!  I can't imagine how fast the months will be go once it's actually warm outside.
At 9 months, our little Rogue is 20 pounds and 29 inches.  He continues to be an easy baby and hardly ever fusses or cries for us.  He's truly a gem and we feel so happy and so blessed that God gave him to us.  He is an opposite baby than Solis.  She still wasn't crawling at 9 months.  Rogue has been at it for 2 months now and gets into everything.  Even when Solis started crawling, she didn't get into stuff, she was so chill.  Rogue is our active one!  When we wake him up from naps, he doesn't just wake up slowly.  He immediately sits up and pulls himself up to standing.  This kid is ready for action right away!  Car rides are a dream with him, he never ever fusses.  Solis was a pill in the car at his age so we are loving his temperament so far.  His personality is starting to show and he does this head tilt thing and smiles at us, which just about melts me every time.

Eating:  Rogue drinks 6oz, 4x a day.  He eats a fruit or veggie puree 3x a day.  And this past month, we started giving him finger foods after his purees.  He loves to feed himself.  He has tried (and loved) scrambled eggs, ground turkey, mashed black and pinto beans, pasta, cheese, torn pieces of bread, meatballs, salmon, and tilipia.  Between the bottles, purees, and now finger foods, I feel like we spend half our day feeding him!

Waketime: This kid is non stop for his 2 hour waketimes.  He doesn't stop crawling, cruising around, crawling to the next stop, standing again.  He stands so well holding on with one hand now.  He hardly falls anymore.  This age is so much fun and hectic!
Mr. Trouble
constant laughing and goofing around from these 2 :)

Sleep: I feel so repetitive each month but Rogue still sleeps amazingly well.  Sleeps from around 8:20pm-8am and takes two 2-hour naps.  We still put him down for a half hour catnap in the evening b/c he can't handle staying up from his last nap to bedtime....or maybe we just like the half hour break from watching him constantly? ;)  When we get Rogue ready for naps or bed, we turn his sound machine on and he immediately reaches for his crib now.  That boy loves his crib!  
8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2-4 nap #2
4pm 6oz, snack
6-6:30 nap #3
6:30 dinner
8pm 6oz then bed
  These 2 are quickly becoming the best of friends.  Solis is by his side every time he's awake.  She's the first to run into his room when nap time is over.  And Rogue follows her around like a lost puppy.  He doesn't even follow his mommy!

We all love you, Roguey! XOXO 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

LOVE art

LOVE art
Valentine's Day is only 2 weeks away so we are all kisses, love, and sweets around here.  It's time to take down all the snowman artwork in Solis's playroom and fill it with pinks and reds!

Painters Tape
a variety of finger paints (we used red, pink, and 2 shades of purple)
 This finger paint LOVE sign was really easy to make and super cute & colorful.  The hardest part was cutting out tape to make the letters.....
please ignore my funny looking O :)
I used painter's tape so the paper wouldn't rip when it was time to tear the tape off.
At first, Solis would just dot one finger at a time.  At this rate, it would take her till the 4th of July to finish.
I suggested using multiple fingers to paint and it was like the lightbulb went off in her little blonde head...."Ooooooh, now this is fun, mommy, but I'm gonna get messy!"
A certain little baby wanted in on the paint fun.
When Solis napped, I let the paint dry.
 Solis loved watching me peel away the tape to reveal the letters.  And voila!  
An original Solis finger painting creation :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the cutest little snowmen feet

the cutest little snowmen feet
You can find these snowmen feet all over pinterest and I made a variation of them last year (click here).  But that didn't mean I wasn't going to make them again, especially now that we can add Rogue's chubby tiny little foot!
We have been getting little bits of snow here and there and to say Solis loves it is an understatement.  I am more than happy to stay inside when Rogue naps and daddy and his girl play until they have "red marks on their faces", as Solis says.
 Her princess snow woman.  With no eyes.  
But a crown and butterfly wings (which you can't see).
 Another freezing walk around the block.  Only 50 more days till spring!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snowman Counting Activity

Snowman Counting Activity
Last week, we made a snowman craft (found here).  This week, I broke out some buttons and got my little girl counting.  This was a little simple for my 3 1/2 year old but it's a super cute activity and Solis loved rearranging all the buttons and then sorting them by color afterwards.
cardstock-white and different colors for hats
velcro sticky tape
bag of buttons

First I made the snowman by tracing different size tupperware containers.  Next I cut out 9 hats and wrote the numbers 1-9 on each one.  I laminated the snowman and hats for extra durability but it's not necessary.  The next step was cutting little velcro pieces and placing one on each hat and all the buttons and also 9 pieces on the snowman.  This step isn't necessary either....your child could just place the buttons on the snowman.

And then all you do is pick a hat and count that many buttons to put on the snowman.
Simple enough!