Sunday, March 15, 2015

10 months [babywise]

10 months [babywise]
I literally feel like Rogue just turned 9 months.  And now we're at 10 already?!
I'm in denial he's going to be one soon :(
So this past month, Rogue started clapping and waving.  I love leaving for a run and seeing his little face at the gate waving bye to me.  And he started standing on own (not holding onto anything)!  I can see steps in the near future but for now he is crawling faster than I can get to him which usually means dog food everywhere or an end table knocked over.
8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2-4 nap #2
4pm 6oz, snack
6-6:30 nap #3
6:30 dinner
8pm 6oz then bed
Eating: 4 bottles a day (6oz) but he's getting less and less interested in those.  Rogue is all about feeding himself and we give him everything we're eating, if it's safe for a baby.  I don't know what his favorite foods are b/c he gets excited about anything we put in front of him.  He's so easy!  Every meal is incredibly messy but purees are done and we are more than happy to stop making baby food.

Waketime: Still crawling and cruising around like a mad man.  He loves loves playing with Solis and especially in her room.  Solis gets the biggest kick out of watching him destroy her room and my little OCD mini me doesn't mind picking up after him.  
He has played her well.  
These 2 are at a good stage right now and play so nice together.  I'll be doing the dishes or something and I hear Solis non-stop talking to Rogue and he's just laughing at her.  Solis finally has a captive audience so I hope she's enjoying it now b/c sooner or later, Rogue ain't gonna think his big sister is all that!
His personality is so much fun.  He laughs and laughs all the time and loves to play the "I'm gonna get you!" game.  His trademark is tilting his head to the side when he's being playful and it's the cutest thing ever to us!  He loves to dance and Shaun says it reminds him of Will Ferrell dancing to What is Love on SNL.  So funny.
Rogue was sick for the first time last month.  It was just a cough and cleared up in a week.  
God has really blessed this kid with a good immune system so far.
Here he is at the doctors causing trouble.
Can't take this kid anywhere.
Solis was a high maintenance baby and Rogue is the opposite.  Even though he's in constant motion, he is an easy baby that maybe cries 3 minutes a day, if that.  And that's mainly b/c I make sure he gets his naps everyday.  
A rested baby = a happy baby :)
Sleep: I almost forgot to write about this but nothing has changed.  8:30-8 at night, morning nap, afternoon nap, and a super quick catnap in the evening if we're home.
I also love that when he wakes up, he just chills in his crib until we decide naptime is over.
My buddy.  My little guy.  I honestly was scared I wouldn't love a boy as much as I loved Solis.  Silly little thought.  Rogue has filled my heart with so much joy and love and expanded it even more.
Happy 10 months, sweet pea!

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