Monday, February 23, 2015

9 months [babywise]

9 months [babywise]
Rogue turned 9 months 2 weeks ago and I am so far behind on this update.  Rogue is so much fun, he's making these months fly by!  I can't imagine how fast the months will be go once it's actually warm outside.
At 9 months, our little Rogue is 20 pounds and 29 inches.  He continues to be an easy baby and hardly ever fusses or cries for us.  He's truly a gem and we feel so happy and so blessed that God gave him to us.  He is an opposite baby than Solis.  She still wasn't crawling at 9 months.  Rogue has been at it for 2 months now and gets into everything.  Even when Solis started crawling, she didn't get into stuff, she was so chill.  Rogue is our active one!  When we wake him up from naps, he doesn't just wake up slowly.  He immediately sits up and pulls himself up to standing.  This kid is ready for action right away!  Car rides are a dream with him, he never ever fusses.  Solis was a pill in the car at his age so we are loving his temperament so far.  His personality is starting to show and he does this head tilt thing and smiles at us, which just about melts me every time.

Eating:  Rogue drinks 6oz, 4x a day.  He eats a fruit or veggie puree 3x a day.  And this past month, we started giving him finger foods after his purees.  He loves to feed himself.  He has tried (and loved) scrambled eggs, ground turkey, mashed black and pinto beans, pasta, cheese, torn pieces of bread, meatballs, salmon, and tilipia.  Between the bottles, purees, and now finger foods, I feel like we spend half our day feeding him!

Waketime: This kid is non stop for his 2 hour waketimes.  He doesn't stop crawling, cruising around, crawling to the next stop, standing again.  He stands so well holding on with one hand now.  He hardly falls anymore.  This age is so much fun and hectic!
Mr. Trouble
constant laughing and goofing around from these 2 :)

Sleep: I feel so repetitive each month but Rogue still sleeps amazingly well.  Sleeps from around 8:20pm-8am and takes two 2-hour naps.  We still put him down for a half hour catnap in the evening b/c he can't handle staying up from his last nap to bedtime....or maybe we just like the half hour break from watching him constantly? ;)  When we get Rogue ready for naps or bed, we turn his sound machine on and he immediately reaches for his crib now.  That boy loves his crib!  
8am 6oz, breakfast
10-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, lunch
2-4 nap #2
4pm 6oz, snack
6-6:30 nap #3
6:30 dinner
8pm 6oz then bed
  These 2 are quickly becoming the best of friends.  Solis is by his side every time he's awake.  She's the first to run into his room when nap time is over.  And Rogue follows her around like a lost puppy.  He doesn't even follow his mommy!

We all love you, Roguey! XOXO 

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