Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snowman Counting Activity

Snowman Counting Activity
Last week, we made a snowman craft (found here).  This week, I broke out some buttons and got my little girl counting.  This was a little simple for my 3 1/2 year old but it's a super cute activity and Solis loved rearranging all the buttons and then sorting them by color afterwards.
cardstock-white and different colors for hats
velcro sticky tape
bag of buttons

First I made the snowman by tracing different size tupperware containers.  Next I cut out 9 hats and wrote the numbers 1-9 on each one.  I laminated the snowman and hats for extra durability but it's not necessary.  The next step was cutting little velcro pieces and placing one on each hat and all the buttons and also 9 pieces on the snowman.  This step isn't necessary either....your child could just place the buttons on the snowman.

And then all you do is pick a hat and count that many buttons to put on the snowman.
Simple enough!

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