Sunday, January 11, 2015

8 months [babywise]

8 months [babywise]
This was a crazy month.
Rogue turned into a non stop wild man....
and gained 3 top teeth!
He's been crawling since 7 months and started pulling up a week after that.....which he does on everything, resulting in several falls a day as he's learning to find his balance.  We have hardwood floors in our whole house except one room.  So as you can imagine, there are lots of tears everyday.  Shaun joked that maybe we should buy Rogue a helmet b/c he falls so much.  But maybe we should?  I seriously worry he's going to have damage from hitting his head so much.  Poor kid.
This was before we put the gate on the stairs and I found the stinker climbing them.
 Rogue likes to live dangerously.

At 8 months, Rogue's reflux seems to be gone.  He's still on meds and we will wean him soon.  He loves playing with his big sister, exploring every inch of our house, and will stay in his highchair to eat all day long if we let him.  He only cries if he falls or is with a stranger and is quite happy otherwise :)
His schedule this past month:
8am 7oz, solids
10-12 nap #1
noon 7oz, solids
2-4 nap #2
4pm 7oz
6-6:30 nap #3
6:30 solids
8pm 7oz then bed 

Eating: Rogue still takes a bottle 4x a day and eats solids 3x.  He's getting really good at picking up puffies and we will be moving onto finger foods soon!

 Sleep: His sleep is still incredible.  He sleeps around 11.5-12 hours a night straight through.  Takes 2 solid naps and one catnap.  Rogue puts himself to sleep after some quick snuggles from mommy.  I feel so fortunate to have both my babies sleep so good.  Babywise has kept me sane!
Twice a week, I have to wake Rogue only after an hour to pick Solis up from school.
He always looks so peaceful and I hate waking him!

Solis: She is an amazing sister.  Yes, we have our times when she gets frustrated with Rogue b/c he's grabbing her things.  But we're working on how to handle those situations.  Solis gets so excited every time Rogue is up from a nap.  She is really enjoying having a playmate in the house.  I catch them playing side by side daily and it's the cutest thing.  Whether she's dancing around the room or teaching him animal sounds, he giggles at her non stop.  I can only pray they continue this fun loving relationship with each other.
First time Rogue sat in the cart.  They seem unimpressed.
We love this little 19 lb guy so much and cannot imagine our family without him.
Happy 8 months, sweet pea!

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