Sunday, January 4, 2015

Marshmallow Craft

Marshmallow Craft
I used to do a lot of crafts and learning activities with Solis.  Then her little baby brother came into the picture and all those fun activities went out the window and sticker books made a permanent home in Solis's life.  Now that Rogue is getting older and a new year brings resolutions, I found it fitting to start doing crafts again with my Sole-train.

So we are starting off January with a marshmallow snowman.  
First I had Solis draw 3 circles.  This took several tries to put them on top of each other and make them big enough.
Then I put glue on each circle and she placed the marshmallows on the glue.
The end result is an unproportional snowman but she made the circles all by herself and was super proud of it!
Since we had leftover marshmallows, Solis created another masterpiece.  She wrote her name in pencil, I covered it in glue, and she went to work.
 Can't end this post without a picture of our Roguey!
I dressed him in Bengal gear today to support daddy's team for the playoffs.  Rogue was not their good luck charm :(

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