Thursday, December 11, 2014

7 months [babywise]

7 months [babywise]
I say the same thing every month.
There's no way Rogue is 7 months already??
My baby grew up so much this month.
He's reaching milestones months ahead of Solis.
First he started sitting up.

 We were really enjoying the "just sitting" stage.
But only for like .5 seconds.  (Thanks, kid.)
Because Mr. Over Achiever decided to start crawling a week before his 7 month birthday.
Big sis didn't crawl till 10 1/2 months.
And then he pulled this fast one on us.
Rogue thoroughly enjoys crawling towards cords, the Christmas tree, stairs, and anything he shouldn't be near.  Our kids are so different.  We never baby proofed with Solis b/c she stayed by my side and hardly ever tried to get into anything she shouldn't.  And at 3 years old, she's still stuck to me like glue.  Rogue is going to be our wild child for sure.  And 2 other random things, he started saying da da and had to get his hair cut for the 2nd time!
And now onto the Babywise stuff.....

Eating: Rogue dropped a feeding and now only gets 4 bottles a day (yea!!).  He is a big fan of all veggies (orange and green) and bananas.  We started giving him puffs but he's not quite coordinated to get them to his mouth yet.
Naps: On days when we're home, Rogue takes a 2 hour morning nap, 2 hour afternoon nap, and a 30 minute catnap around dinner.  I never, ever skip one of the first 2 naps.  The first one is usually short b/c we're out doing something but he just sleeps longer in the afternoon.  If there's one thing I firmly believe from Babywise, it's sleep begets sleep.

Night Sleep: He's hitting the sack around 8:20, after his last bottle.  And once again, this kid is amazing and sleeps till 8 in the morning.  He did have one night this month when he woke up 3 times.  But he was just talking, no crying.  I went in the first time and he just started laughing at me.  It was pretty funny until he did it 2 more times that night.  What a stinker. 

Schedule: If you know anything about Babywise, you know how exciting it is when your baby goes to the 4 hour schedule!
8am 6oz, solids
9:45-12 nap #1
noon 6oz, solids
1:45-3:45 nap #2
4pm 6oz
5:30-6:15 nap #3
6:30 solids
8pm 6oz then bed

Solis: She loves her brother so much.  She loves helping him, playing with him, entertaining him.  But now that Rogue is on the move, she can be possessive of her things.  One day I suggested that if she doesn't like it, give him a toy that he can play with.  She now dumps out ALL of Rogue's toys anytime he's up and is getting used to the idea of sharing her things.  Maybe not all her things but baby steps.  She loves calling him buddy and he literally sparkles when she talks to him.
Happy 7 months, Rogue!  You may be wild and active but you are ever so sweet and smile constantly.  You get so excited and bounce up and down on your hands and toes when you see us.  You are such a happy baby and that makes me one happy mommy :)

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