Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6 months [babywise]

6 months [babywise]
I can't believe I'm even writing this post.  
My baby boy celebrated his half birthday.
That happened so quick and now that his reflux is better, I want time to s-l-o-w down.  
Rogue is so happy, so easy, and so stink'in loveable.
He hardly cries (which makes loving him even easier, if that's possible).
Our 3 year old cries more than him.
We jokingly call him fat boy b/c he's 18 lbs now....a weight Solis didn't hit till well after a year.
Eating: He gets a bottle 5x a day.  Still on prevacid and I'm happy to report that his spitting up has slowed down.  We started solids this month.  I've made him butternut squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, and pears and he has loved them all.  Tried avocado-not a fan.  I don't have a set schedule when I feed him....basically it's whenever we're home and have time.  I try to do it twice a day.  At this age, it's more for practice than nutrition.  I always reference {this} site when making his food.

 Waketime: Rogue is moving so much now.  He never wants to play on his back.  Always flips over and rocks back and forth on his knees.  But he gets so frustrated when he only goes backwards so we are all hoping he learns to crawl soon.
He LOVES his jumparoo.  Solis never jumped in it.  But he goes nuts in it!  And Rogue loves our walks and sits so contently in the stroller.  Such an easy baby.
 Naps: Rogue FINALLY dropped his 4th nap.  He takes 3 naps a day everyday without fail.  Talks for a few minutes and then falls asleep on his own.  He loves to sleep on his belly and hates to sleep anywhere but his crib.
Night Sleep: Still a champ.  Didn't wake up once this past month.  We put him down around 8:20-8:30 and he'll sleep all the way till morning.  Occasionally, I'll hear him talking in the early morning but he always puts himself back to sleep.
Schedule: Everyday is slightly different based on our day's activities but here is a rough schedule.
8:15am wake him, 6oz
9:45 nap #1
noon 6oz
1:30pm nap #2
3:15 6 oz
4:45 nap #3
6:15 5 oz
8:00 5 oz

Solis: Everyday she is encouraging him to crawl.  She's on the ground motivating him with a toy.  And when he goes backwards, she'll grab his arms and yank him forward to a face plant.
And no one can make him laugh more than Solis.  Shaun and I do silly things to try and get laughter and she'll just walk by and he laughs uncontrollably.  They have the cutest relationship (right now ;))
 And look at those teeth!  His 2nd tooth popped up and I just can't get enough.
 We all love you, Roguey!  So so much.  You have brought an insane amount of joy and love into our lives.  Happy half birthday, sweet one.

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