Sunday, October 19, 2014

5 months [babywise]

5 months [babywise]
Rogue turned 5 months on October 9.  The beginning of September wasn't easy.  Reflux reared its ugly head.  But we were expecting this b/c reflux tends to peak at 4 months and we've been through it with Solis.  We *think* he is over the hump.  He still spits up insane amounts but the screaming in pain has stopped!
 This past month, Rogue picked up the skill of scooting backwards.  He's lifting his body up (like a baby push up) and is getting stronger everyday.  He is hitting milestones way quicker than Solis.  And he got his first tooth!
Eating: 5x a day like clockwork.  Eats well, spits up like crazy afterwards.  He's still on Prevacid 2x a day.  Going to start solids next month.  Rogue weighs around 16 1/2 pounds now.
Waketime: Same as last month.  Around 90 minutes.  Playing on the floor is his favorite activity.  He is so stink'in busy, flipping on his belly and getting to work scooting places.  The only downside is that he spits up everywhere.  All over our hardwood (easy cleanup) and carpet (pain in the butt).
Naps: Same as last month, 4 naps a day.  He takes them all in his crib and he'll fall asleep on his own within 5 minutes.  So easy!  He is really close to dropping the last nap.  Some nights he can hang, other nights he is beyond fussy and needs that last catnap.  Last month, Rogue was rolling in his sleep and it kept waking him up.  So my husband put 2 pool noodles underneath his crib sheet to form a wedge.  It was a great temporary fix until he learned to sleep contently on his tummy.
Night Sleep: Sleeps solid from 9-8!  He was a rockstar this past month, never woke once during the night.

Schedule: This is what it looks like on Solis's preschool days.
8am wake him, 6oz
9:30 nap #1
11:00 wake him, pick Solis up from school
11:30 6oz
12:45 nap #2
3:00/3:15 6 oz
4:45 nap #3
6:15 5 oz
7:45 super short catnap
8:30 5 oz
 Solis: She cannot get enough of Rogue.  When he fusses (she says he's being cranky), she'll run to him and tell him "It's ok, Rogue, it's ok!" and give him a toy.  When he's rolling over, she's his biggest cheerleader, "He did it, mommy, he did it!"  And she gets a big kick out of making him laugh.  He certainly doesn't hurt her ego.
My people.  Love them so much.
Since turning 5 months, Rogue's reflux is so much better and he's getting more mobile each day.  He is my sunshine on stressful days and melts me with every smile.  I feel so blessed to call him mine!

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