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9 & 10 weeks [babywise]

9 & 10 weeks [babywise]
Rogue is double digits!  The weeks are flying by (hence why this post is a few days late) and our baby is getting sweeter by the minute.  We had some rough reflux days which quickly put us back at the doctor's.  I nursed Rogue there and she said he definitely has reflux. (insert not-again-sad-face!)  She adjusted his meds and this past week we saw significant improvement.  He hardly woke from any of his naps from spit up and doesn't seem to be in as much pain.  It's amazing what medicine can do! 
Eating: Rogue continues to eat 7 times a day.  Nursing takes anywhere from 8-15 minutes per side.  He gets a bottle at lunch and dinner which gives me flexibility to take Solis places and it gives daddy time to bond with his son.  As far as his reflux-he doesn't seem to be in pain during eating (Solis was so this is a big plus).  He's in pain afterwards while trying to burp him.  And he spits up a ton.  But the medicine has helped reduce it.
Waketime: Rogue's waketimes are becoming so much more fun.  He's so happy, smiley, and loves to coo.  He is getting good at holding his head up high during tummy time and keeping it there.  He's still around 50 minutes for waketime (including feeding).
Naps: Week 9 was rough b/c that was before we had the proper meds.  He woke early from a lot of naps with spit up.  But week 10 was amazing.  Took all his naps (4 a day) on his own and I had to wake him up from a lot of them.  He hardly cries anymore, maybe less than 20 minutes a day.  Complete opposite of Solis at this age.  We feel super blessed that his reflux is under control with meds.  Rogue still gets swaddled, shades are down, and white noise is on for every nap. 

Night Sleep: In my last post (weeks 7 & 8), I said Rogue was still doing 5-6 hours at night.  He was sleeping 5-6 hours for weeks so I was a little worried he would never get over that hump (I should have kept the faith in Babywise!).  But just like that, he got over his hump.  Week 9, he started doing 7.5 hours a night and on week 10, he continued but with a few 8 hours in there! And some mornings, he even woke up happy without crying for food.  I love when a baby starts to do that. 

Sidenote-There were 2 nights last week when he woke after 5 hours.  We rocked him without feeding and he went back to sleep.  But if he still were to cry, I would have fed him.  We came to the conclusion that maybe it had something to do with turning our air off and opening the windows.  B/c those were the only 2 nights all summer we did that.  Who knows though?

Schedule:  Our schedule has changed a bit with Rogue's new night sleep.  Our goal for waketime is 8am but that won't be solid till he's sleeping all the way through the night.  After the dreamfeed, he now sleeps till around 7.  I'll feed him at 7am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 5:45pm, 8:15pm, 10:45 (DF).
Solis: Still loving on her brother!  I know things will probably change once he's mobile but for now I am loving their interaction.  Solis gets SO excited every time I get him up after nap.  She loves to make him smile, exclaiming, "He's smiling!  He's smiling!"  One time in the car I heard her say, "I love you, Roguey" completely out of the blue.  She loves to read to him and he is smitten with her :)
2 month checkup: At 2 months, Rogue is 24 inches and 12.12 pounds.  He took his shots like a champ and slept great after them.  Complete opposite of Solis at that age!  If you follow me on Instagram you saw this picture and know Solis told him, "It's ok Rogue.  It won't hurt.  I will hold your hand."  I'm sure she'll remember that when it's her time for shots. ;)

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