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11 & 12 weeks [babywise]

11 & 12 weeks [babywise]
Rogue is 12 weeks?  And almost 3 months?  Say whhhaaat?!  It really does fly by the 2nd time around.  This babe melts my heart and I just love my days with him.  We still continue to have some rough reflux moments but overall, he's such a happy little bugger.  These past two weeks have been exciting for Rogue-the little guy rolled over and found his thumb...which means more sleep!
Eating: Rogue is transitioning from 7 to 6 feedings, depends how long he sleeps at night.  He eats pretty good but his reflux really hurts him afterwards.  Until that burp comes up, he's in pain.  And the spit up goes everywhere.  We have resorted to burping him over the sink.  Even 50 minutes later, when we're swaddling him for nap, he's still spitting up.  It's seriously all.the.time.  I have friends who don't need bibs for their babies.  I would love to know what that's like :)  After having 2 reflux babies, I feel like we're experts now.  It pretty much sucks to watch Rogue go through what Solis did but it could always be worse and we know it will end eventually.  On the plus side, the meds are helping him nap better-he hasn't woken up from a nap with spit up all over him and that is a huge answer to prayer.
 I love when he crosses his little feet when nursing.
Waketime: Rogue's waketime is between 50-55 minutes.  Since he only takes around 15 minutes to eat, we get to enjoy him for over a half hour.  He loves belly time, watching his sister, bath, hanging outside, and batting those bees on his playmat.  Solis hated belly time so we hardly put her on her belly.  Rogue seems to enjoy it and is already so much stronger than she was.
Naps: Rogue continues to nap well (4 a day).  He usually doesn't show any signs of tiredness-no yawns or rubbing his eyes-but we put him down at 50ish minutes anyways.  It is really hard to leave him in his crib....b/c he's so happy and smiley!  He rarely cries before naps anymore and if he does, only for a minute or 2.  That makes 12 weeks of work worth it.  His naps last anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.  

What we have learned from doing babywise twice: With Solis, we waited till we saw a yawn and then put her down.  Sometimes we would keep her up for 2 hours and then she would only nap 45 minutes.  She never napped over an hour and I just thought I had a poor napper.  But after doing more research and reading, I now know you have to put a baby down before those signs of tiredness and most babies at this age cannot handle more than an hour of waketime.   

So it does stink that I can't do a lot with Rogue b/c he's always home for naps.  I feel like no one has gotten to see him!  But on the plus side, he's sleeping really, really good and he's so happy b/c of it.  If we do have plans as a whole family, we wait till the 4th nap and go out after dinner.  I certainly don't want to rush time but we are looking forward to when he needs less naps so we can do more things as a family.  Small sacrifice to make.  A rested baby is a happy baby. 

Night Sleep: The past 2 weeks Rogue slept anywhere from 7.5-8.5 hours.  After his dreamfeed, I put him back to bed no later than 11:30 and he slept till at least 7 each morning.  The 2 nights before he turned 12 weeks, Rogue slept over 9 hours.  And the night he turned 12 weeks.....he slept 10 hours and I had to wake him from that!  So things are going in the right direction. 
I can't get over that hair!

Schedule: DWT is 8am so feeding times are roughly 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, DF at 11.

Solis: This girl loves her brother.  12 weeks later and she's still so proud to show him off in public.  We find it funny when people show Rogue attention and all of a sudden Solis will appear with her non stop ramblings that she loooooves her baby brother.  She knows how to put on a show at the young age of 3.  And she's awfully good at it.  
We were driving one day and Solis said, "Rogue woke up!  He's awake!  Oh no, he's gonna cry soon! Suck your fingers Rogue.  Like this.  Come on, buddy!"  She's loves to read to him and this is the scene almost daily in our house.  I've always heard stories about younger babies watching their older sibling and now I get it.  It's too cute!
"Does Rogue have boobies like me?"
One morning I heard Solis saying, "I love you, Rogue!  You're so cute!  I'm your big sister!"
I had to snap a picture of this.  My heart melted instantly.
 The night both my kids turned 12 weeks, they found their thumbs.
The difference in hair just kills me!
Now that Rogue is (almost) 3 months, I'm going to start doing monthly updates instead of bi-weekly.
So Rogue's updates will be back in September :)

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