Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hersheypark Happy

Hersheypark Happy
Ever have one of those days when everything goes perfect?  Your toddler doesn't throw any fits.  Your baby doesn't cry.  You get to eat dessert for dinner.
Yup, we had one of those days.  We took our first big outing as a family of four to Hersheypark.  I was shocked how easy the day was.  Being such a strict babywise mom (yes, I admit, I'm a little OCD about my baby's schedule!), I was nervous to be off schedule.  Solis gave us zero flexibility when she was a baby.  She pretty much cried all the time.  But Rogue stepped up to the plate big time.

Look how much our little Solis has grown from last summer!

Let me tell you about chocolate bar.  When we went to Hershey last year, I bought her a stuffed one.  And she's obsessed with him.  He makes the stuffed animal bedtime lineup and that's hard to do.  So imagine her excitement when she saw him in real life!
And hugging every other candy character made her summer.
Solis happy screamed on every ride she went on.  People probably thought it was her first time out of the house all summer.  But she just loves life!
Rogue was a champion at Hershey.  He took little cat naps in his car seat and when he wasn't sleeping, he just sat there without one cry.  Again, we're not used to an easy going baby so we are still in shock that he's so good!  Feeding him was a whole different ballgame.  Can't just burp him while watching Solis on a ride.  I had to step aside and burp him away from the crowd b/c this would happen.
Pretty gross, sorry :)
Love my little fam...even if Solis doesn't look Hersheypark happy.
Notice my shirt change.  Victim of one of Rogue's burps.
At the end of the night as we were packing up the car, I heard Solis tell Rogue all about her day at Hersheypark.  It was the cutest thing.
And I'll end on this.  Dessert for dinner.  The chocolate chip cookie smore.
This alone was worth the price of admission. 
(This is last year's pic.  With an extra human this year, no time for food selfies.)
 Such a fun day with so many memories!

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