Friday, April 4, 2014

Handprint Birthday Card

Handprint Birthday Card
Solis made the cutest birthday card for her aunt this week.  Solis LOVES making cards.  In fact, right before nap today her little voice asked, 
"Mommy, can we do crafts please?"
Once Solis knew how to hold a crayon, I had her contribute towards any type of cards we mailed out.  I think it's important to teach her about doing something for someone else.  I'm thankful I'm a SAHM to have time for these homemade cards.  If I were working, I hope I'd at least buy a card and let Solis color the inside.  Personal touches are key and teaches the little people about thoughtfulness.
 If you can't tell, this is a birthday cake.  I just painted her fingers and hand different colors (didn't paint the thumb).  I then added some glitter and lit those candles with a sharpie.  I should have taken a picture of the inside.  Solis went to town with coloring and stickering.  And just like with every card she makes, 
Solis exclaimed, "Aunt Kasi gonna love it!!!"
I seriously love her excitement.