Monday, April 14, 2014

37 weeks

37 weeks
Baby is now the size of: A bunch of Swiss chard.  Baby is just over 6lbs and around 19 inches.
Total weight gain: 25 pounds
Maternity clothes: Maternity jeans or regular yoga pants.  Definitely maternity tanks or tees.
Sleep: Awesome with just one nightly bathroom break.  And a short daily nap so I'm a happy camper for my workout and husband :)
Favorite meal this week: I don't make this meal often b/c it is zero healthy for you but this week, I put Meat Pie on the menu.  My grandma used to make this dish and it's the simplest meal ever to throw together.  Details below.
Cravings: I was on such a fruit kick this week.  I'd cut up 3 different fruits and Solis and I had our fruit bowls every morning.  Thank goodness fresh fruit is coming back to PA.
Exercise: Ran or did the elliptical 4 times-2 days at 40 min and 2 days at 30 min. 
Pregnancy aches & pains: Just some rib pain but other than that feeling pretty good.  I'm so thankful my mid-wives are encouraging me to keep running and they say that is what is attributing to me feeling so well.  My old doctor told me I shouldn't run while pregnant....needless to say, I switched doctors.
Worst moment this week: Oh Solis.  This week she collapsed in pain at playgroup saying her leg hurt.  She was crying and said she couldn't walk so we left.  All morning she crying in pain.  She couldn't even crawl or stand.  So I took her to the doctor after her nap.  I was really scared she did something to her leg.  Well guess what?  She walked for the doctor and Solis kept saying, "Whooooaaaa it's a miracle!  I can walk!"  Shaun and I were so embarrassed to waste the doctor's time and felt foolish that maybe she played us?  I do believe she did something at playgroup but think she also played it up big time.  Thanks for scaring the crap out of me child.
Best moment this week: 75 degree weather.  2 days in a row.  We are summer people in this house, the hotter the better, so this burst of summer like weather had us doing a happy dance.  We hit up a local amusement park and participated in egg hunts.  Best weekend of the year.  Thank you Jesus for giving us warm sunshine!
Looking forward to: Shaun is off this Friday and we're taking Solis overnight for a little trip before baby comes.  And I think it goes without saying that I'm looking forward to baby boy getting out of my belly :)

round steak stewing cubes (1.5 lbs)
18 oz. Heinz home style gravy
empty pie shell
mashed potatoes

1. Combine the stewing cubes and gravy in a crockpot.  Cook on low for 6 hours.
2. Bake a frozen empty pie shell according to directions.
3. Make corn and mashed potatoes.
4. To make this amazing concoction make the following layers: a piece of cooked pie, mashed potatoes, meat and gravy mixture, and corn.  Repeat as often as your stomach can handle!