Sunday, April 27, 2014

Made of Honor Contest-Part 1

Made of Honor Contest-Part 1
Today marks 6 years since I lost the title Miss Golightly and became Mrs. Bollinger.  Crazy to think how fast time flies.
Backing up...
I was a high school track coach and my athletes thought I'd be the perfect match for their previous coach (Shaun).  They introduced us at a track meet and the rest is history.  (Fun fact: those girls were our guest book attendants at our 2nd wedding since they were our matchmakers!).  We only dated a year, became engaged in March, and were planning a late summer wedding.
 One night I stumbled across a contest online.  It was a chance to get married in NYC at the movie premiere, "Made of Honor", plus a ton of awesome prizes (honeymoon in Venice & Paris!).  I entered on a whim.  Long story short, we won!  So about 6 weeks after getting engaged, we were off to NYC to get married.  Crazy fast.
Sony Pictures flew Shaun, his best man, myself, and my maid of honor to NYC.  A car was waiting for us at the airport and drove us to our new home for the week-the London Hotel.  For the next couple days, we had assistants and drivers and received the royal treatment.  They put mikes on us daily b/c they were showing footage from our week on Entertainment Tonight.
Sony had a jam packed itinerary for us.  First up was getting our marriage license.
Picking out wedding rings at Damiani.
 Kenneth Cole gave us wedding shoes.  I got to take home silver and ivory heels.
 Wedding dress fitting with designer Selia Yang.  
I choose this dress from 3 beautiful dresses.
Cake tasting with the famous Sylvia Weinstock.  She was a spunky old lady!
 A shopping spree at Victoria Secret
Hair at Oscar Blandi...he had quite the vibrant personality!
 Taping a segment for Entertainment Tonight
Dance lessons with Maks of Dancing with the Stars! :)
Makeup with David Evangelista-he was so much fun!
The week leading up to our wedding was so much fun and something we will always look back on with the happiest of hearts.  We still can't believe we won this contest.  It was a once in a lifetime experience that God blessed us with.  The perks were amazing- having a driver take us anywhere we wanted in NYC, free meals, a luxurious suite to stay in, an assistant who got us any request (looking back, I should have used her more!).  Our family and closest friends came to NYC for the wedding, which I will detail in another post.  So come back tomorrow to see our wedding pictures....and Patrick Dempsey! :)