Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Made of Honor Contest-Part 3

Made of Honor Contest-Part 3
  When I started blogging in November, my sole reason was to document this pregnancy.  As I went along, it was fun to record the activities I did with Solis and other things-like the memories of our wedding.  I never intended to write 3 posts about our wedding.  But once I started, there was just too many pictures to cram into one post.  If you missed the first 2 posts, click HERE or HERE.

After Shaun and I said I do in front of our family, friends, tv cameras, a few B list celebrities, and the press, we walked back to our hotel for a private cocktail hour at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.  Sony was super generous in making sure the hors d'oeuvres and drinks kept going.  While we were stuffing our faces and having one too many drinks, the movie premiere was going on next door at the Ziegfeld Theater.  We already had a private showing in Sony's New York offices earlier in the week.
Finally it was time to head to the after party at the Metropolitan Club.  Our friends rode the party bus, Shaun and I took the carriage and our parents took a limo.  Can I just say again, how awesome it was to be spoiled like that??!!

The after party/reception was a blast.  And it happened in a blink of an eye.  Our 30 friends and family were joined by around 500 other strangers guests.  There were 2 different rooms filled with food and drinks.  I think it's safe to say that our friends enjoyed the endless flowing of drinks on Sony's expense :)

The first thing we did was meet up with Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan that was taped for ET.  They gave us a wedding present (and by they, I mean Sony flipped the bill for that).  They gave us his and her watches that I never would have dreamed of buying in this lifetime.

I love this picture b/c the stars were giving us wedding advice and it was such a real moment.
Shaun and I were introduced to the whole crowd, had a champagne toast and then our first dance.  We chose Keith Urban's Making Memories of Us.  
See all of our new friends watching us? ;)
Cake time was next.  I believe that cake cost around 5 grand.  Um yea.  Ridiculous!
Here's an idea of how crowded it was.  Felt like a college party.  But with rich people.  This picture is of me, Shaun, Patrick, Shaun's mom, and Mary Hart.
We met Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband-super sweet people.  Lindsay Lohan's mom-huge trainwreck and wouldn't stop talking to my dad all night.  The RH of NY were there!  Even Michelle Williams was there b/c her best friend Busy Philipps was in the movie.  There were more but I can't remember-the night was literally a blur, it happened sooo fast!
 Around 1am, we headed back to our hotel.
 Our flight left the following evening and then it was back to reality for these 2 teachers.  Luckily, we only had one more month of school before summer break and then we had our 2nd wedding in August.  After that wedding, we took our honeymoon to Paris and Venice-which Sony generously paid for.  They even showed clips of our honeymoon on ET for the DVD release of the movie.  And then-just like that-our 15 minutes of fame was done and we never heard from the Sony people again.  But that's ok.  Because I now had a husband and I was a Mrs :)

Here's a picture of Solis watching our wedding last year.