Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter fun

Easter Fun
We had such a fun and relaxing Easter weekend.  Last weekend, we had all our family events and egg hunts so we just chilled at home and took care of few things before baby boy comes.
I saw this fun snack idea from my favorite blogger last year (Little Baby Garvin) and was super excited to try it with Solis.  She devoured all the fruit and loved it!
"Mom!  Are you done taking my picture yet??"
 I filled Solis's Easter basket with non-food items.  With 3 egg hunts and getting spoiled by her grandmas, the last thing this 2 year old needed was more candy!  I put in a few simple things that I know she would love-a new cup, a Yo Gabba Gabba book, stickers, and little figurines that I put inside eggs (Daniel the Tiger and Peppa Pig made the cut).
 Our little bunny on Easter
And this picture of Solis cracking up just makes me smile.  She was talking about boyfriends and Shaun always pretends to get mad at her for talking about them, which only spurs her on to keep talking about her boyfriends.  
Are we in future trouble or what?! :)