Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Activities

Easter Activities
Solis and I managed to squeeze in some Easter activities this week.
I wasn't sure it would be possible with something on the calendar everyday and my energy pretty much gone.  
But that doesn't mean her energy has left the building so this waddling mama put on a smile and made sure she had some Easter fun.  
The first thing we had to do was make cards for the grandparents.
This idea is all over Pinterest so we made our version of the hand print bunny card.
Next up was a learning activity.  All I have to do is tell Solis we're going to do a special activity and she is all squeals and excitement.  I taught students like her.  And they were teacher's pets.  Am I raising one?  Uh-oh.
She knows the capital letters like the back of her hand.  But lowercase letters?  Not so much.
So I whipped up a quick lowercase Easter themed activity.
First I wrote all the letters on her chalkboard.
 Then I filled 26 eggs with her magnetic letters.
Solis matched up her letters with mine on the chalkboard.
She had a hard time identifying some....
 but that didn't stop her spirit!
 She was super proud of herself.  Couldn't wait to show daddy.
Then we had some fun in the tub with Easter eggs (and color drops).
Rub a dub dub, Soly's in the tub.
Here's one last picture of my girl at an egg hunt.
 And Solis's first pair of Hunter boots, so stink'in cute :)
Solis's sparkle bunny shirt is from Olive and Birdie on Etsy. (found here)
Every holiday Solis gets a shirt from her shop.  
She just listed a Memorial Day/4th of July shirt that you can bet I'll be buying soon!

Happy Easter weekend!!! xoxo