Sunday, January 26, 2014

26 weeks

26 weeks
Baby is now the size of: a scallion, around 14 inches long.
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Maternity clothes: Only jeans.  I'm starting to stretch out my regular shirts so I went and bought the next size up in a bunch of shirts.
Sleep: I get about 8 hours a night, with a pee break somewhere in there :)
Favorite meal this week: This is 100% unhealthy but Solis and I had a dinner date at Friendly's and I had my favorite sandwich there-the chicken supermelt.  The last time I had that sandwich, I was pregnant with Solis.  Must be a pregnant thing.  And of course, I followed up that 1,000 calorie sandwich with a forbidden chocolate sundae.  Talk about rolling me out of there.
Cravings: A drink.  What I wouldn't do for a glass of wine.
Exercise: 4 days of running/elliptical at 40 minutes, 1 day of P90X legs.  It was a good week at the gym!
Sickness: Felt pretty good this week.
Worst moment this week: Realizing this baby might be breeched too.  I know it's early but I'm having rib pain in the exact same spot I had it with Solis.  It started around 28 weeks with her and she never flipped.  We pray daily for this baby to be head down.
Best moment this week: We are thoroughly enjoying our time with Solis before the baby comes.  We took her to a kids museum and the zoo this week.  This girl loves life and squeals with excitement everywhere we go.
Looking forward to: Solis's big girl mattress and bedding to be delivered.  Shaun painted her room and we're getting closer to her princess room!

Some pictures from my instagram.
Solis at Friendly's.  Loving her balloon.
At the zoo.  Freezing our butts off.  But not one complaint from Solis.
 Surprise flowers from my hubby.  Love.

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