Friday, January 17, 2014

Snowman Treats

Snowman Treats
I got a little creative with Solis's snacks this week.
First up was some snowmen for breakfast.
So easy.  I cut up bananas, put some raisins on for eyes and buttons, and stuck some pretzel sticks in for arms.
Solis just loved this!  She told me everything she ate as she ate it.  We like to call her the informant b/c she always tells us the obvious.  I love this age!
The second treat I made was a donut snowman.
Even easier than the banana snowman.  Three donuts, mini m&m's, and a wooden stick.  You don't need the stick but my kid loves eating off sticks.  
Can't wait for summer shish kabobs!
 This was an overload of sugar that Solis rarely gets. 
She was in h-e-a-v-e-n.
Right when I snapped this picture, Solis asked, "More, please?"  
Ahh sorry sweet, Solis.
I used to try to come up with creative snacks for my 2nd graders so to be able to do this for my daughter is so much fun.  I just live for this :)
Happy snacking!