Sunday, January 19, 2014

25 weeks

25 weeks
Baby is now the size of: Cauliflower.  He weighs over 1.5 lbs!
Total weight gain: 15lbs, wowzers, can't imagine how much I'd gain if I didn't workout.
Maternity clothes: Just maternity jeans still.
Sleep: I knew it was a matter of time....starting to wake up once a night to pee.
Favorite meal this week: Salmon BLT's!!  This summer, we got a recipe off the Food Network and it's been a favorite of ours since.
Cravings: I've been on a cookie dough kick lately, much to my husband's dismay b/c of the raw eggs.  
I know he's right....I just can't help myself.
Exercise: 4 days of running/elliptical at 40 minutes, 1 day of P90X legs.  

My round ligament pain doesn't bother me anymore so I am a happy runner again :)
Sickness: I'm starting to get nasty pregnancy headaches again.  
Not fun when all you can take is tylenol, which is the equivalent of baby medicine.
Worst moment this week: We attended a preschool fair for Solis and it was a terrible realization that baby girl is growing up and won't be my baby anymore :(
Best moment this week: Feeling baby boy move constantly pretty much makes my day, everyday.  
And Solis's daily hugs and kisses for baby brother are pretty sweet too.
Looking forward to: The 3rd trimester...getting so close!  I cannot wait to get this baby party started.