Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowy Day Crafts

Snowy Day Crafts
Our weather in January has been bitterly cold and snowy.
We are all getting cabin fever and cannot wait for spring.
In the meantime, Solis and I are getting our craft on.

The first craft we made was snowmen feet.  She loves getting her feet or hands painted and I love a cute project hanging on the wall.  Win win for everyone.
 I painted her feet and then she made snow on her picture with fingerprints.
Next she painted snow at the bottom.
 I added the details on the snowmen.
I love seeing her little piggies!
Craft #2 was a heck of a mess....a shredded paper snowman plate.
I put glue on 2 paper plates and gave her shredded paper to dump on. 
When she first started, she only picked up one piece of paper and placed it on the plate.  At that rate, we would be doing this project till summer.
The next day, I let her put the snowman's buttons wherever she wanted.
I added the details of the face and now we have little bits of shredded paper flying all around her playroom.
Next week we are getting out of single digits and into the teens.  Heat wave, I know.  Guess we'll be starting our valentine's day crafts.  Tis the season for being stuck inside.