Monday, February 3, 2014

27 weeks

27 weeks
Baby is now the size of: A head of cauliflower, roughly 2 lbs.
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Maternity clothes: Jeans for sure.
Sleep: Sleep was crap this week b/c I was sick.
Favorite meal this week: I lived on soup most the week.  So boring.  But I was feeling a little better over the weekend and Shaun took me to Chocolatefest.  Not a meal to most people but to me it was.  It was 90 minutes of all you can eat chocolate.  I was in heaven!!  But then I had a bellyache the rest of the day and couldn't even enjoy the food at a Superbowl party. 
Cravings: Not feeling like a lard anymore!  I know I'm not too big yet but being an athlete most my life, it's hard to feel this way.  Sounds so selfish, I know.  I'm always praying for a better attitude towards this.
Exercise: Only 1 day of running at 45 minutes and then I got sick.
Sickness: Pregnancy related aches and pains were none this week!
Worst moment this week: Being sick with a terrible sore throat (and now cold).  I don't get sick that often anymore but this pregnancy seems to be making my immune system weak.  Shaun had to take off work a few days and take care of Solis.  I miss giving my baby girl (and the hubby) kisses all over.
Best moment this week: Last Monday I ran 45 minutes straight without any pregnancy pains or having to pee.  I was on such a running high.  It felt like the good old days.  With each passing mile, I was thanking God that I was still going.  And Solis's best moment of the week was meeting Abby Cadabby!
Looking forward to: Getting better.  My sore throat turned into a cold-my first in years-and I can't wait to be feel healthy and be a happy mommy/wife again!

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