Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ABC and Numbers Chart

ABC and Numbers Chart
The teacher in me came out today.  Big time.  There was tracing, cutting, matching, and cheering on a mini student.  I made a chart for Solis to continue working on her alphabet and numbers and she looooved it.  She knows her alphabet like the back of her hand, as well as numbers 1-9.  We are starting to work on the teens with her so that part was hard for her.  This chart was super easy to make, just a little time consuming with the cutting of circles. 

contact paper
card stock in different colors

First I traced circles with a bottle and cut them out.  That was the most tedious part and definitely reminded me of my teaching days.  Then I wrote the alphabet and numbers 1-20 on the circles.  I had a few extra so I threw in some shapes.  You could really put anything on the circles.  Shapes for younger kids, higher numbers for older kids.  Or matching lower case and upper case letters.

On the contact paper, I taped the non sticky side to our sliding glass door.  Then with a ruler I drew boxes with my sharpie and filled in the boxes with the alphabet and numbers.

Little Miss Diva said the sun was too bright and had to wear her shades while doing this "special project" (as she called it).
Working hard.
Taking a break.
Admiring her work.
Solis was so proud of her work that every time she saw her chart throughout the day, she would exclaim, "Look what I did!!!"  I must had heard that phrase at least 10 times today.  I call that one successful special project :)


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