Sunday, March 23, 2014

34 weeks

34 weeks
Baby is now the size of: A cantaloupe.  Baby is around 4.75 pds and almost 18 in long.
Total weight gain: 22-23 pds
Maternity clothes: Mix of both.  But my choice of clothes are regular yoga pants and old track sweatshirts.
Sleep: Great!  My husband commented how I don't get up to pee like I did the first time.  And I realized he's right...maybe once a night?
Favorite meal this week: Does a graham central station ice cream cone from Brusters count as a favorite meal?  B/c to me it does.  But if we're talking real food, hands down was date night to a local sushi place.  When I first started dating Shaun, I hated sushi.  Now I'm coming around to it but this prego stuck to teriyaki seafood. 
Cravings: Fresh fruit, chocolate, wine.  Sounds like a perfect summer afternoon to me.
Exercise: I started out the week so well-2 days at 40 min, 1 day at 30.  Then by Thursday, I was feeling sooo run down and on Friday the sore throat hit in.  So I only hit the gym 3x this week.
Pregnancy aches & pains: None really!
Worst moment this week: Getting sick at the end of the week.  After I had Solis, I was never sick.  Not even a cold.  This pregnancy, I have had cold after sore throat after head cold.  So over it.
Best moment this week: When your toddler asks you to cuddle with her.  Solis NEVER wanted rocked as a baby or wanted to sleep in mommy's bed.  When it comes to sleep, she gets right down to business.  But this week she was asking for cuddles....not sure if it's the baby coming but I'll take them.
Looking forward to: Another baby appt this week.  So anxious to hear if baby is head up or head down?  And another baby appt means another sweet treat afterwards with my Solis!

first day of spring happiness
 One morning, I heard Solis screaming at Naysa.  She was begging her to kiss her.  "Naysa, kiss meeeeee!"  
It was hilarious.  But she better not do this to the boys or we're in trouble.