Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rogue's birth

Rogue's birth
Finally getting around to our baby boy's birth story.
100% different experience than Solis's.
She was a scheduled c-section b/c she was breeched.
No contractions.  No pre-birth pain.  Just a whole lotta post-birth pain.
This time around....the complete opposite.
And if I had to do it all over again, I would choose natural birth over c-section any day.

On Tuesday, May 6th,  I went for an appt (3 days overdue).  My midwife said I was closed-as in ZERO dilation.  She set an induction date for May 15th.  We went to Chipotle for dinner and played outside with Solis.  Felt like any other night.  Then around 10pm, I started getting pains in my stomach.  Pains that I never felt before.  I knew they had to be contractions b/c I didn't sleep a wink that night b/c they were that painful.  But they were only 7-10 minutes apart.  Shaun stayed home from work on Wednesday to take care of Solis b/c at that point, my contractions were 6-7 minutes apart.  I did 24 hours of this at home.  Completely miserable.  By 6 that night, we shipped Solis off to her grandma's.  By 9pm, we were leaving for the hospital.

After getting checked at the hospital, my contractions weren't any closer and I was only 1 cm.  Seriously??  Since I had been through 24 hours of this, the staff took pity on me and let me sleep there with pain meds and a sleeping aide.  But I didn't sleep well.  I woke up every time a contraction came and then passed out again.  After a long night, a long morning, and a long afternoon, FINALLY on Thursday around 3pm, my midwife announced: You are 5cm and can get an EPIDURAL!!!! 

I had sweet relief around 5pm and was able to finally sleep.  I got to 10cm sometime that night but they said baby wasn't near pushing stage yet.  I didn't mind.  That meant more sleep!  They woke me up around 3am and said it was time to start pushing.  That was a moment I will never forget.  9 months of carrying this baby.  The scare of losing my baby when I had my subchorionic hemorrhage.  The awful morning sickness.  The rib pain that hurt every time I sat down.  The 48 hours of contractions.  And it all comes down to this.  

I pushed for a long 40 minutes.  But it was fun (even though I had zero feeling down there so it was hard to get into a good rhythm at first).  I felt like it was a workout....hold your breath, push, hold your breath, push.  I held my own legs.  I felt strong and ready to push this baby out.  And when it was time, my midwife asked if I wanted to pull him out.  Heck yea!  When she told me to grab him, I did.  And immediately put him on my chest.  Best feeling in the world.  I dreamed of this moment since I had my c section.  I wanted so badly to have a vbac and prayed before I was pregnant and while I was pregnant that God would allow my body (and baby) to cooperate.  All the doubts I had about switching practices and hospitals to try a vbac were laid to rest.  This was my moment with my baby boy and it was absolutely perfect.

I still can't believe that Shaun and I produced an almost 9 lb baby!
(Solis was only 7 lbs, 1 oz)
Fresh out of the oven
Our sweet baby boy!!
1 day old and sucking fingers
I had Rogue Friday at 3:56am and we left the hospital Saturday afternoon.  Much different than Solis-we stayed 4 nights after she was born and there's no way I carried her car seat after my c-section!  Being able to walk out of there pain free was amazing.
Shaun's sweet gift to me.  My babies initials on a necklace.
We settled into life with Rogue for one night before Solis came back from Grandma's on Sunday.
She was ecstatic to meet her new baby brother.
It was the perfect mother's day.