Friday, May 16, 2014

1 week [babywise]

1 week
I cannot believe it's been one week since God brought Rogue into our lives.  This week went better than Solis's first week, mainly b/c we have some clue what we're doing now and he's slightly different than her.  But don't get me wrong, it was still exhausting and the baby blues had me tearing up at any time of the day!  I hope to write a labor post this weekend.  So going backwards here.  This is what our first week looked like:

Eating: Rogue latched on right away in the hospital and was a great nurser.  But once we got home, he became a sleepy newborn and fell asleep within a few minutes of nursing.  It was very hard to keep him awake to take a full feeding.  And that is one of the goals of babywise.  I'm hoping as the weeks roll by, he will wake up more and concentrate on his feedings.  I nurse 8-9 times a day.

Waketime: We wake Rogue up from his naps (or his piercing cry tells us he's up), change his diaper, and then I nurse him.  From start to finish, he might only be up 45-50 minutes.  So he really doesn't have waketime activities yet.  One mistake we made with Solis was trying to keep her up longer.  Didn't realize back then that babies need A LOT of sleep.

Naps: Rogue took pretty good naps this week.  He took most of his naps in a rock and play, swaddled with white noise.  By the end of his first week, I figured out that he needs to go down 45-50 minutes after he woke from his previous nap.  He would then sleep 1.5-2 hours.  Evening naps were tougher though.  He cried a lot and we were lucky if we got 45 min-1 hour naps.
Night Sleep:  On average, he would give us 2.5-3 hour stretches.  I'll take that for week one.  I nurse him around 10:30pm/2am/5am.  He sleeps in his crib at night, swaddled with white noise.  But he makes it into our bed after the 5am feeding and we sleep till Solis gets up around 8.

Schedule: There is no schedule right now, just a routine.  I feed him every 2.5-3 hours.  Then right down for a nap.  Repeat 8-9x a day!

Solis: She welcomed Rogue with such a happy heart.  Wanted to be by his side constantly.  Worried when he cried.  Always asked to hold him.  Told him the sweetest things: "I take care of you baby brother.....It's ok baby....I love you....I wipe your tears away baby brother.....He's SO LITTLE!!!"  But then day 3 hit.  And Solis had her first major meltdown.  We took a family trip to Target and on the way home she kept saying she didn't want to go home.  By the end of the 7 minute car trip, she was screaming it with tears rolling down her face.  Shaun took Rogue inside and I talked to her.  She told me she missed mommy.  She wanted daddy to feed Rogue with his boobies (it was hard not to laugh at that.)  I reassured her that she was still my favorite girl and my best friend.  Then she asked me, "What's that bird looking for?"  How quickly toddlers minds switch off.  I have to admit, after I put her to bed, I had my meltdown and missed my time with her so much.  So Shaun suggested I take her on a date and it was so much fun to be with just her again!
Our ice cream date :)
Shaun went back to work on Friday.  Sad day for us all but we survived!
Loving on her brother.