Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 weeks [babywise]

2 weeks
I'll probably say this every week but I can't believe Rogue is 2 weeks old already!
This week brought some really good days and some really frustrating days.
At his 2 week appt, he surpassed his birth weight and is 9 lbs now!
Eating: He's still a sleepy nurser but getting a little more awake each day.  Nursing takes anywhere from 25-35 minutes.  We started giving him one bottle a day....which is amazing b/c Solis NEVER took a bottle.  And this guy guzzles them down.  So when he gets his bottle from daddy, it only takes less than 10 minutes.  It also gives me freedom to do something with Solis.  So thankful Rogue takes a bottle.

Waketime: After a diaper change and nursing, he might only have 5 minutes of waketime.  I've had to reduce the waketime to around 40 minutes.  I found he goes to sleep easier if I put him right back down.  When he gets a bottle, he has more waketime so that's when we give him a bath and do tummy time.  So far he is doing great with tummy time.  
Naps: They were hit or miss this week.  He had great naps if I put him down "on time".  If I missed the window b/c Solis was demanding my attention, he cried and cried.  For those naps, I wore him in the Moby wrap so he would sleep.  I often reference Val's blog (click here) on babywise (she's had 4 kids and is the expert!) and she had this to say about newborn naps:

"My number one goal for newborns and sleep is that they sleep when it is time to sleep. I don't care what it takes for sleep so long as sleep is happening.  If a newborn gets overtired, she isn't going to sleep well, and that isn't going to do anyone any good. She won't be able to put herself to sleep in that state, which just perpetuates a non-sleep cycle. She also won't eat well if she is tired, which isn't healthy. Plus, sleep is important.  So the most important thing is that baby is sleeping when it is time to sleep."
Night Sleep: The last few nights, Rogue gave us a 4-5 hour stretch!  What?!?!  I'm not naive to think that this is permanent but we will take these bonus nights when given to us :)

Schedule: I am striving for an 8am DWT (designated wake time).  This is our flexible feeding times (we are by no means on this strict schedule yet; I just loosely base our day around these times): 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 10:30pm, MOTN (middle of the night) feeding.  Sometimes if he wakes between 6-7am, I'll nurse him one side in bed and just let him doze off that way.  It pacifies him till our waketime at 8.  I don't really like the idea of only feeding a 2 week old 7 times a day but he's sleeping so well and gaining weight so I'm trying not to worry about it.

Solis: If Rogue has a fussy day, Solis gets extremely frustrated that she has to share me.  And I'll admit it, on those days, even I'm brought to tears.  But on his all star days when he naps on his own, Solis is a happy day declaring, "I love mommy and Soly time!"  And my hormones brought me to tears again.
She really does love her baby brother.  Sometimes too much.
True life: most days we don't even get out of our pj's or see a brush.

Me: Physically I'm feeling great!  Feeling completely normal again.  I gained 28lbs during my pregnancy.  When I left the hospital, I only lost 10.  One week into nursing, I lost 10 more.  I'm not concerned about the extra pounds.....I hope to hit the gym again once Shaun is home for the summer.  So in the meantime, my snacks look like this.  Although on stressful days, my hand is in the chocolate chip bag.