Sunday, November 24, 2013

17 weeks

17 weeks
Baby is now the size of:  an onion
Total weight gain: 6 pounds
Maternity clothes: Not yet but I see yoga pants in the very near future.  I'm in that weird stage where it looks like I just have a gut.  Can't wait to have a firm baby belly!
Sleep: Still pretty good and sleeping through the night.  Gonna miss this!
Favorite meal this week: We had breakfast for dinner and we usually do something healthy (like eggs mixed with veggies & potatoes) but this week we went the dessert route and had french toast!  Solis was in love.  She dipped hers in syrup to her heart's content.
Exercise: Ran 30 min, 4 days.  The 5th day I went back to my favorite leg
workout from P90X.
Mood: Happy.....looking forward to feeling the baby move soon!!
Sickness: Feeling good this week!
Worst moment this week: I made eggless cookie dough.  I seriously ate from the bowl all day long.  I went to bed with a stomachache and woke up with a stomachache.  Lesson in gluttony learned.
Best moment this week: I was sitting on the couch and Solis came over, lifted my shirt, put her head on my belly, and said "I hug and kiss baby."  Ahhhh she is my sweetheart!

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