Sunday, November 17, 2013

16 weeks

16 weeks
Baby is now the size of:  An avocado
Total weight gain: 5-6 pounds depending how much dessert I had that day.
Maternity clothes: Not yet!
Sleep: I get around 8 hours a night and occasionally have to get up to pee.
Favorite meal this week: For sure, Qdoba Mexican Grill followed by dessert at the Melting Pot.  Melt my pregnant belly why don't ya.
Exercise: Ran 5 days, 25 minutes, 9:13 pace on the treadmill.  And I do pushups after my runs.  After taking 7 weeks off b/c of the SH, I am easing back into it.
Mood: So much better now that the SH is gone!  
Sickness: No more nauseousness.  I still get headaches almost everyday.  Tylenol does jack.
Missing: A glass of wine.  That would surely help with the headaches, right? ;) 
I also miss running faster.
Worst moment this week: For the first time EVER, Solis didn't want me to get her out of her crib.  She cried for daddy, at which he excitedly swooped in and saved her.
Best moment this week: Solis telling me I'm her best friend. You are now forgiven, Soly.
Oh and probably telling the world we are now pregnant :)

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