Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Toddler Christmas Crafts

Toddler Christmas Crafts
Since most of Solis's activities are on hiatus for the month of December, we finally had time to tackle some projects I've been wanting to get to.  

Craft #1: Number & letter recognition on Christmas trees.
I cut out two trees and put the alphabet and numbers (1-20) on stickers.  I wrote all the letters and numbers on the trees and she matched them up.  Anything that involves stickers, this kid is down with.  The numbers were easy for her and she did them on her own.  The letters were a little harder.

  The finished product.  I display all her artwork in her playroom on these IKEA magnetic boards.
Craft #2: Christmas Wreaths
The hubby cut out 2 circles from cardboard and Solis went to town painting them.  She h-a-t-e-s to get messy so no need for a smock on this girl.

The next day she decorated them.  I let her use a paint brush to dip in Elmer's glue and then she smashed placed on pom poms.

 And once I saw her start feeding the balls to her baby, I knew that wreath was done.
Wreath #2 was a crazy mess.  I got one of those bags of shredded paper at a craft store and it was everywhere.  I'm still finding paper shreds a week later.  For this wreath, she used a glue stick and then slammed down the paper.
The finished products.  Wild looking but 100% toddler!
 Craft #3: Matching colors on the Christmas tree
This is a super cheap craft and no mess!  The only thing I bought was a tub of foam stickers but you could use any stickers you have laying around.  I cut out 6 trees (that was the hardest part for me!) and put one sticker at the top so she could match up the rest.
Pealing the backs off stickers is great fine motor work.
When she was done, she took all her trees to the couch and started counting the stickers on each one.  The teacher in me was so proud!
Christmas fine motor skills activity: fruit loops, noodles, and playdough
This is so simple and most of the items you can find in your home already.  I put out red and green playdough and fruit loops (yes, I picked through a container)....stuck a noodle in each playdough ball and let her go to town.
She had a lot of fun doing this but kept asking every other one when she could eat one.  This was the first time she's had fruit loops and that girl was in sugary cereal heaven.
 There you have it....four simple and inexpensive crafts to do with your toddler around the holidays!

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