Tuesday, December 3, 2013

18 weeks

18 weeks
Baby is now the size of:  a sweet potato
Total weight gain: 9 pounds.  Up 3 from last week.  I would love to say it's all baby but I know it's from a whole week of stuffing my face with holiday food.  I even exercised 6 days.  Just goes to show that it really is important what you put in your body.
Maternity clothes: No but my jeans are getting terribly uncomfortable.  Good thing I have saved the next size up from when I used to like looser jeans.  That should buy me another week or 2 before (confession time) my Old Navy maternity jeans come in the mail.
Favorite meal this week: Nothing can beat your mom's thanksgiving dinner.  My absolute favorite is eating a bowl of turkey and stuffing the next day.
Exercise: 5 days of running at 30 min and 1 day of P90X legs.  It was a great week at the gym! 
Mood: Happy :)
Sickness: None and no weird pregnancy pains this week.  Enjoying this 2nd trimester...
Worst moment this week: One day at the gym a skinny, tan, blonde stepped on the treadmill next to me.  I felt incredibly large and old next to her, especially b/c my tank top kept riding up my growing belly and I had to keep pulling it down every 2 minutes.  My only solace was that I was running the whole time and she did a half walk/half jog.  I told my husband this story and he said, you sound like one of those old people complaining about young people.  Great, I guess I'm old now :)
Best moment this week: Shaun was off most the week and the 3 of us had the best time doing everything together.  And then there was this-I told Solis I love you.  She told me, I love you more, mommy.  Seriously, she is just the sweetest everyday!

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