Sunday, June 15, 2014

it's daddy's day

it's daddy's day
It's safe to say after looking at facebook and instagram all day, every girl thinks her hubby is the best dad on earth.  I'll jump the bandwagon and say it too.  There's no one else I'd rather parent with than my Shaun.  We all hit the jackpot with this guy.
Solis made her daddy some cute little cards.  Ok, I made this one.
Note to self: newborns cannot spread out their hands for a handprint.
Solis picked out beer stickers for his card.  Inappropriate for a 2 year old?
For Shaun's first father's day, I wrote 37 reasons why Solis loves him on post its.
I couldn't be more grateful that God chose Shaun to be my husband and the father to our children.  His love and devotion to us is more than I could ever ask for.
For father's day dinner, we grilled THESE tasty shrimp and pineapple kabobs.  What a lovely dinner on our patio we had.  Rogue wouldn't stop spitting up his milk and made a mess all over me, himself, and the patio chair.  Solis-who previously ate shrimp like they were going extinct-all of a sudden declared that she doesn't like them and was having a toddler moment.  Shaun and I just looked at each other and said, great idea to have kids!  Ha!

Then I had a brilliant idea to go to the park and get ice cream.  By the time we packed our bags, water bottles, the stroller, and the Ergo, Rogue was way overdue for a nap and was starting to lose it (remember, my kids don't sleep in car seats!).  Then Solis immediately started her thousand questions.  "Can I have music please?  Where are we going? (we already told her 100 times)  When will we get there?  Can I have music please?  Will Rogue stop crying?  Mommy, music pleeeeease!"

Again, whose idea was it to have kids?
 All joking aside, we had a fun night together.  It can be crazy hectic with the newborn/toddler combo but we couldn't love them more.  And we definitely love bedtime even more :)