Thursday, June 12, 2014

family pictures

family pictures
Aren't these pictures of 5 day old Rogue just so precious?
Pictures are deceiving b/c little 5 day old Rogue would NOT stay asleep and getting these few shots was challenging for our super patient and talented photographer, Elaine GatesMy husband is a photography teacher and she often visits his classroom to talk to his students.  She does great work with seniors!

And then enter big sister Solis.  The sweetest, right?
Again....deceiving.  We had 2.5 seconds to take the shot b/c Rogue was moving/waking up.  Then add a toddler who was next to impossible to pose next to her ancy brother......all while squeezing hugging him as tightly as she could.  
My oh my.  Making memories.

We went outside in hopes that Solis would actually smile for the camera and Rogue would settle down in mommy's arms.
Obviously going outside worked like a charm.  Rogue is screaming and Solis is about to give one of her mega love squeezes. 
Ahh that's better :)
 Me and my kids.  Still can't believe I'm saying kids.  Oh and doesn't Rogue look so sweet with that yawn?  Fooled ya.  That's a full out scream and I'm just grinning through it.

Elaine did a great job and we are very grateful for her time, patience, and work that she put into taking and editing the pictures.

She also managed to snap some Vogue worthy pictures of Solis.
 There's more where that cheese came from but I'll save those for another exciting post. :)