Friday, August 15, 2014

Solis swims

Solis swims

Solis took a two week swim class this summer.
It was much needed.
Because this girl is as prissy as they get (sigh).
She hates to be cold.  She hates to get dirty.  She hates it when her bib gets dirty.
Yea, we got one of those.
Shaun and I were both athletes and we still make working out a big priority in our lives so naturally, we would like our kids to be athletes.  Wellll it's not looking too good for Solis....

This was her favorite part.  Sitting on the sidelines in the warm sun.
But I can't blame her, that water was cold!!
Miss Corinne was so patient and so sweet with all the kids...even the scaredy cat ones ;)
At least she liked the blowing bubbles part.
"The sun's in my eyes!  I can't seeeee!" 
Shaun and I would just cringe on the sidelines.
Surprisingly she had no fear of jumping in.
 It's safe to say we don't have the next olympic swimmer in the house.
Of course we want Solis to be an athlete but if she's not, that's ok.
B/c the most important thing is that she grows up to love the Lord and has a heart to want to serve Him....and maybe while running around the cross country course too?? ;)

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