Saturday, August 16, 2014

family birthdays

family birthdays
August has lots of birthdays in our family (my dad, brother, and niece) and that means lots of parties and cupcakes!  We are fortunate to have my parents live in the same town and my brother and his family in a neighboring town.  My brother has 2 girls and Solis just LOVES spending time her cousins.  Rogue is so outnumbered and is always smothered by lots of female attention.  I'm excited to see these 4 sweet kiddos grow up together.

My parents and their 4 grandkids.  Hannah is the oldest at 6.
Solis is 3 months older than Brooke.
Running barefoot in the backyard, catching bubbles, loving summer :)
Sweet cousins
 The girls shooting grandpa with water guns.  My dad is great with the kids and Solis thinks the world of him.
 How many times have you stood in the card aisle at Target and can't find the perfect card and also refuse to pay $4.99 for it?  That's my problem like every time.  My solution?  Take a picture of my kids, create a card online at Walmart and get it printed for less than 2 bucks.  Cheap and personalized.  That's a win!

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